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About Us

Limited Liability Company “MAKI” is a law firm incorporated in the beginning of 2008 and operating in Moscow, Russia. The partner of the Firm is Ms. Marina Kononova also acting as an advocate.

Our team current includes 6 lawyers.

MAKI provides legal support to clients, both Russian and Western, in various spheres of law, mainly specializing in land law, urban-planning and construction legislation issues essential for participants of development projects (investors, project management companies, contractors, designers, tenants); advises clients on other legal matters relating to real estate and other development projects, particularly in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg; provides complex legal assistance in corporate transactions (mergers, divestments and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring); conducts due diligence relating to development projects, corporate transactions.

Among our clients are both leading Scandinavian and international investors, as well as ambitious local companies aiming at rapid development in the Russian market.

Our lawyers are focused to achieve results for clients in shortest possible time at optimal cost.

Areas of expertise

– Land and urban-planning law – Real estate transactions – Construction legal support – Mergers and acquisitions – Litigation and pre-trial settlements –