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Maki provides the following services

Land and urban planning
We cover all legal aspects and handles or assist to handle all negotiations with counterparts and authorities/state

Real estate and development projects
We advice and actively assist clients in any questions

We do not only cover the legal aspects but also have a deep understanding of the technical aspects in construction

Litigation and pre-trial settlements
We represent both Russian and Western clients in all stages of state courts as well as arbitration

Commercial, corporate and transactional law
Apart from the legal aspects of the above disciplines we are also advicing on the best company establishment as well as organising the registration

Taxation, currency control, regulations and other aspects of conducting business in Russia. We advice the clients in all these aspects including client representation in federal and local authorities


Maki the legal firm

Specialized in new establishment projects

Maki & Partners in Russia

Construction projects

Maki & Partners in Andorra

Financial Solutions